Ecigarette Production From China To US

Many leading US ecigarette producers are moving their ecigarette production from China to the US as a response to the increasing concerns over product quality as well as in view of the deeming tighter ecigarette regulations.

White Cloud And Mistic

In the past weeks, some top selling ecig companies including White Cloud and Mistic, have announced that their ecigarette production will be moved to their latest and highly automated factories in the US. This way, they could track the ingredients used in their products more closely and ensure that their products adhere to their specifically set standards. The costs, the companies estimated, would even be lower compared to manufacturing the products in China.

Quality Concerns

Bonnie Herzog is an experienced tobacco analyst from Wells Fargo Securities. She said that people are now growing more and more concerned about product quality. She is also expecting that more companies will shift their ecigarette manufacturing to the US.

Herzog explains that different brands have varying qualities. She believes that regulations will set a standard for these products and will force some to enforce improvements.

Eversince the FDA released its proposed ecig rules; the shift has already gained momentum. Manufacturers who wish to access the US market should register their products to the agency and submit their complete list of ingredients.

Attorney Bryan Haynes of Troutman Sanders law firm in Richmond, Virginia said that as a general rule, the FDA policies will require additional control over the ecigarette’s manufacturing process. Troutman Sanders is a law firm representing ecig companies.

Haynes remarked that more companies are already planning to move production to the US so that compliance would be made easier.

US-Made Eliquids

Many electronic cigarette companies already produce their eliquids in the US. They ship it to China where the devices are assembled. Most ecig batteries still come from China.

Big Tobacco Involvement

A crucial business is how the three major tobacco companies consider electronic cigarettes. These Big Tobacco companies either purchased or developed their own ecigarette brands. They hope that this will help offset whatever losses they have been enduring from the decreasing cigarette sales. They also prioritize compliance with the regulations.

Of the three giant tobacco firms, only Reynolds American produces the Vuse electronic cigarettes in the US in its Kansas factory. Right now, Vuse is sold in Colorado and Utah. In June, it is said that company is up and ready for its national roll out for Vuse. Blu Ecigs by Lorillard is made in China, but they contain smoke juice made in the USA.

It has been featured in the news that the two tobacco firms are actively making discussions regarding a possible tie-up. Reynolds is said to be buying Lorillard and thus, Blu Cigs, the most dominant ecig brand in the convenience store channel would possibly be acquired by Reynolds.

MarkTen from Altria contains eliquid made in Richmond, Virginia. Like Blu Cigs, the hardware is also made in China. Like Reynolds, Altria is also set on nationally rolling out MarkTen this summer.

Other companies also follow this trend of mixing eliquids locally while devices are made and assembled in China. One of them is NJOY. Chief Executive Craig Weiss stated that they adhere to their own gold standard for quality control practices and tests.

Surging Ecigarettes

Sales of ecigarette kits in the US are expected as well to continue growing that by 2020, they will outpace tobacco cigarette sales. This popularity is brought upon by the perception that ecigs are safer than cigarettes.

Advocates claim that electronic cigarettes are safer to use than conventional cigarettes because they do not produce tar that destroys the lungs. Data on ecigarette safety, however, are limited according to the critics.

Starting 2014 With Proper Electronic Cigarette Education

Proper electronic cigarette education is what vapers need to arm themselves with as they welcome this new year of 2014. Proper knowledge about electronic cigarettes can help vapers defend themselves against ecig detractors that are appallingly ignorant about these revolutionary smoke alternatives.

Below are some of the crucial things about vaping that must be a part of proper electronic cigarette education.

Ecigs Are Not Hazards To Public Health

The majority of proposed bills contain this argument on the call for ecig bans like tobacco bans; but ecigs are really not hazards to health. They use results of some studies where nitrosamines were found in a few early ecigarette cartridges. These nitrosamine levels found were comparable to the nitrosamines of nicotine patches and were 14,000 times fewer than of tobacco cigarettes. Toxic nitrosamines in vapors from an ecig are yet to be determined.

The Clearstream-AIR study, in addition found no detectable levels of toxic substances in the air of an enclosed room that can harm any non-vaper in the room.

According to Dr. Michael Siegel from Boston University School of Public Health, scientific evidence suggests that ecigs have positive impact on public health; deaths and diseases are fewer.

Gregory Conley, the legislative director of CASAA or Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association stated that there is no evidence it is harming others so ecig use must not be banned. In fact, a lot of evidences show that ecig vapors release chemical levels that are not hazardous based on many toxicological standards.

Vaping Is Still Smoking

Ecig opponents are assume that since ecig vapors look so much like tobacco smoke, bystanders would not know or realize that a person is vaping, not smoking. Vapor is produced from the liquid solution at a higher temperature so it appears smoke-like.

Dr. Murray Laugesen, the most experienced researcher from New Zealland on Smoking Policies and Cigarettes, vaping and smoking looks pretty the same at first glance. When a person smokes, he/she needs to light up a cigarette; when a person vapes, there is no need to light up anything. Cigarettes, he said, burn, while ecigs create vapors.

Vapors Have Dangerous Metallic Micro Components

An April-published study found metallic particle traces in the vapors created by one ecig brand. These metals are known to cause complications to the respiratory system. Nonetheless, the levels found still fall within the USP standards of maximum allowable everyday exposure to metals that can be inhaled through medications like nicotine inhalers that are approved by the FDA.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a well known cardiology researcher also stated that indeed, there were particles found by the researchers in nanometer sizes that can penetrate the lungs deeply. Yet, numbers show that these ecig metallic particles are 880 times lesser than the particles from conventional cigarettes.

Ecigarette Flavors Are Geared Towards Youth

Electronic cigarettes do come in various flavors that are tempting and delicious, but they are not targeted at children as detractors accuse ecig manufacturers of.

The Vaper and vaping commentator David Dorn remarked that vapers move away from tobacco flavors toward more palatable flavors as their taste buds are becoming used to the flavors. In fact, one of the ecig studies led by Dr. Farsalinos found that these flavors are crucial in enabling smokers to remain vaping.

Detractors like American Lung Association CEO and National President Harold Wimmer, argue that kids begin to try ecigs out of curiosity and out of temptation to try the flavors and could possibly start nicotine addiction.

Paul Bergen who is the former Research Associate from the Public Health Sciences in University of Alberta said that migration from ecigs to real cigs would be likely if flavors are outlawed.

Phil Busardo, a known vaper, reviewer and vaping blogger said that he fully supports any ban on ecig sale to minors, but said that ecig flavors are enjoyed by adults like him.

Ejuices Have Antifreeze

This is according to the 2009 study of the FDA on some early ecig products. Vice President of CASAA Kristin Noll-Marsh said that no testing has ever been done, including that of the FDA that showed there are harmful diethylene glycol amounts in the e-liquids. The amount found in just a single cartridge is not worth mentioning except if the agency would like to spread unnecessary commotion among the ecig users or the public.

Vaping Is Gateway To Real Smoking

Another well-known vaping blogger and reviewer is Steve K who said that this claim is impossible. This will only happen, he said if prohibitionist indeed managed to ban ecig. Former smoker and vapers would just switch back to smoking real cigarettes because their ecigs are no longer easily accessible for them.

Scientific Director of CASAA, Dr. Carl V. Philips, also said that this is a major lie. There are no evidences supporting these claims. Attorney Azim Chowdhury also shares the same belief and stated that no real data supports the notion of kids becoming addicted to ecigs.

Vapers Do Not Know What They Inhale

Vapers do know what they inhale as many respectable companies publish the list of their ingredients and even provide batch test results. A study also analyzed vapor particles and found that the volatile organic compounds are in levels far lower than the set exposure limit.

Nicotine Can Cause Cancer

After ecigs vapor were found not to cause secondhand vaping harms; detractors decided to give it another go by claiming that nicotine delivered by ecigs are dangerous and cancer-causing.

If nicotine is the harmful component of tobacco cigarettes, the FDA would have not approved the nicotine replacement therapies like patches, lozenges or gums and the inhalation medications like nicotine inhalers.

Main Difference Between Electronic & Standard Smoking

As compared to the traditional cigarettes, their electronic counterparts have much variation than them. The liquefied nicotine from e-cigarettes, for one, generates water vapor compared to the harmful smoke coming from smokes. You may still find a lot of people around the world that smoke standard cigarettes.

At one time before where tobacco smokes were used without needing mouth pieces. The manufacturers of the innovative e-cigarettes are an easy method so that you can counter the health hazards which are found in using tobacco.

Evaluating the traditional cigarettes with the electronic ones will give you a lot of distinctions against one another. One of the primary differences to note right here is the smoking process being utilized. Regarding the regular cigarettes, it makes use of an ignition way to light up the tobacco which will change solid nicotine straight into smoke. In the mean time, the e-cigarettes make use of an atomizer section. Right here is the part in which the water gases are attained with the burning of liquid nicotine

The electric cigarettes offer a lot of changes and alterations to its use when compared to the classic ones. One of the main considerations here is the quantity of nicotine together with the chemical products to be utilized. Depending on majority of the experiments, this has been found that the normal cigarettes have as much as 4,000 chemical products within them alongside 43 of these which have cancer aspects.

On the contrary, the e-cigarettes don’t use tobacco when it comes to smoking with only two carcinogens discovered here. In addition they do not take advantage of nicotine heat. For the reason that it is operated with a rechargeable battery unlike the traditional tobacco.

Making use of nicotine heat together with tobacco are the known distinguishing features involving the traditional and e cigarettes. When used to smoke, the e-cigarettes produce water vapor or heated liquid as an alternative. Toxins that will come from cigarettes made of tobacco would contain a lot of cancer causing carcinogens and toxic carbon dioxide gas as well.

When compared to the traditional cigarettes, these electronic goods will be 75% cheaper. In several countries, the conventional cigarettes are already being banned while e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity. The people who smoke nowadays will have an alternative solution when it comes to spending as these will not cost a lot.

This really is among the major reasons why a lot of people these days are jumping to electric cigarettes. With the traditional ones, its price is constantly growing aside from the taxes imposed with them. With the e cigarettes, smokers are able to save money which is often very appealing. A smoker should expect its starter packages to cost as low as a hundred bucks with refillable cartridges from now on which are inexpensive.

There is also another reason why individuals are changing to e-cigarettes these days and this is as a result of ban on regular smoking indoors. Indoor public smoking is forbidden in entire states today, with traditional tobacco users having to go outside to do this. The e-cigarettes aren’t something to be concered about as smokers can easily smoke indoors since it does not discharge secondhand smoke. This is not going to hassle anyone and is truly an advantage over the traditional cigarettes.