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Adopt a School Board

The Adopt-A-School-Board action is for anyone who wants to take the next step in getting your local school board to support "Optimum Opt Out" policies and implementation. Gather family, friends, neighbors, and students together for a School Board outing:


  1. Download our "Adopt-A-School-Board Kit"
    Need software to open our .pdf? Download Adobe Acrobat for free here.
    • Top 5 to Know About a School Board Outing
    • Sample School Board Resolution (customizable)
    • Opt Out Forms
    • Sample Letters
    • Best Practices
    • Sample Campaign Flyers
    • and more...

  2. Read through the School Board Kit and plan an outing to a School Board meeting.

What if you find your School Board already has an Opt Out form? Well, it's likely that your school's Opt Out policies are still not effective!

As this news article demonstrates, Opt Out rates can be increased significantly through better methods of informing parents and students about their option to Opt Out of aggressive military recruiting. Take these steps now to ensure that as many students as possible are aware of their right to Opt Out:
  1. Download our Good Policies list to see if your school district can improve its policies. You may be surprised about some of the things your district could be doing, but isn't. For example, Opt Out rates have soared when school districts include the Opt Out form on the school's "Emergency Card".

  2. If your school district has excellent policies and methods on Opt Out, talk with your friends in nearby school districts to see if you can help them achieve "Optimum Opt-Out" policies in their area.

  3. Finally, another option is turning your attention to the policymakers at your STATE Association of School Boards. Look them up through www.nsba.org or ask at your district office. Then call their policy contact, and fax or mail in your Resolution and cover letters. A follow up phone call to find out how you were received would be useful as well.