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Download Forms, Flyers and Factsheets

Welcome to your one-stop shop for downloading and printing extra Opt Out forms, all-in-one Host Kits and Adopt-A-School-Board Kits, as well as individual forms and flyers. In addition, this page includes factsheets and link buttons that you may find useful in spreading the word.

NOTE: These documents are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, please download it now.

Extra Opt Out Forms: We've been hearing from Leave My Child Alone activists who carry Opt Out forms with them everywhere they go. Whether you're at the supermarket, hanging out at a local park, or attending a PTA meeting, don't miss an opportunity to help families protect their children!

High School Opt Out - English | High School Opt Out - Spanish | Pentagon Opt Out - English | Pentagon Opt Out Spanish

Organizing Kits

Host Kit
Click here to download and print everything you need to host a Leave My Child Alone event, as an 18-page PDF.

Adopt-A-School-Board Kit
Click here to download and print your guide to everything you need to know about organizing a School Board outing, as a 16-page PDF.

Individual Forms, Flyers and Factsheets -- from the Kits
Most of the materials in the Host Kit and Adopt-A-School Board Kit are also available below as separate documents for downloading and printing. Use the following links to download individual pages from both of the kits.

Opt Out Letters (English)

Blank Opt Out Letter for Parents
Use this form if you are a parent opting out your child.

Blank Opt Out Letter for Parents, Changing School District Policy
Use this form as a sample when trying to change your school district's opt out policy.

Pentagon Opt Out Letter
Use this form to opt out of the Pentagon's illegal database.

Opt Out Letters (Spanish) / Formulario para el proceso de "opt out" en Español

Opt Out en Español para padres
The blank opt-out form in Spanish. / Utilize esta forma para pedir un "opt out."

Opt Out en Español, el formulario para cambiar el proceso de "opt out" en su districto escolar
Use this Spanish-language form to change school district policy. / Utilize este formulario para cambiar el proceso de "opt out" en su districto escolar.

Pentagon Opt Out en Español
Use this Spanish-language form to opt out of the Pentagon's illegal database / Imprima este formulario y envíelo Pentágono.

Sample Resolutions, Letters and Forms

School Board Resolution Protecting Family Privacy
This sample School Board Resolution was prepared by a teacher and School Board Member fighting No Child Left Behind's privacy loophole for military recruiters.

Customize Your Resolution (Word document)
Select from a menu of policy choices to customize your resolution.

Sample Letter to Superintendent and School Board (encouraging best practices)
A suggested letter you can use to introduce your Superintendent and School Board members to our campaign and encourage "Optimum Opt Out" best practices and policies.

Sample Emergency Card Opt Out Form
Use this form to advocate for an Emergency Card Opt Out -- a highly effective method of informing parents and students about their right to opt out.


Flyer: Leave My Child Alone Action Options
Printed "3-up" per page to save paper, you can take this flyer with you to school, religious services, the farmers market, or wherever else you go.

Flyer: School Board Handout
Don't show up at your School Board meeting empty handed -- just print and distribute this flyer which is conveniently prepared "3-up" to save paper.

Opt Out Flyer
You can use this flyer to distribute if you're tabling at a local high school or other community event.

Opt Out Flyer en Español
You can use this Spanish-language flyer to distribute if you're tabling at a local high school or other community event.


Top 5 to Know About a School Board Outing
If you haven't attended a School Board Meeting before, learn how and why here.

Top 5 to Know About Military Recruitment
Get the facts about recruitment so you'll be prepared to make your case.

Top 5 to Know About the Student Privacy Protection Act [H.R. 551]
There's a bill in Congress that will fix the No Child Left Behind "9528" loophole. Read all about it.

Good Policies
See what other school districts have done to protect student/family privacy and focus on high-quality education. You can download the Good Policies document as a printable PDF here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Check out our answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Leave My Child Alone campaign, opt out policies and military recruitment issues.

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