Leave My Child Alone! A Family Privacy Project Of Working Assets, Mainstreet Moms, And ACORNOver 37,000 kids have opted out!

Leave My Child Alone Honor Roll

The school districts listed below have met some or all of our 5 broad categories for good Opt Out policies:

Opt-out prominently displayed on the required Emergency Card or form
Opt-out form is translated into all appropriate languages
School district does not penalize students for opting-out
Students can opt themselves out
School district has made a reasonable effort to publicize the opt-out option and/or has other good policies to protect their students.

Fairport Central School District* (NY)
Montclair Public Schools (NJ)
Portland Public Schools (ME)
Santa Cruz City High School District (CA)
Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (AK)
San Francisco Unified School District (CA)
Winchester Public Schools (MA)
Madison Metropolitan School District (WI)
Pajaro Valley Unified School District (CA)
Putnam County School System (TN)
DeKalb County Eastern Community School District (IN)
New York City Public Schools (NY)
Miami-Dade County Public Schools (FL)
School District of Philadelphia (PA)
Tucson Unified School District (AZ)
Whittier Union High School District (CA)
Maine School Administrative District #33 (ME)
Hazen Union High School District (VT)
Albany Unified School District (CA)
Los Angeles Unified School District (CA)

While these school districts may have decent policies, students still have to be opted out. If you'd like more information on how you can change your school district's policies (even for honor roll districts), go to our school board page.

* NOTE * Fairport Central School District (NY) is the only school district in the country that openly protects student privacy with an "opt-in" policy — where information is not released to military recruiters unless parents consent to it first. However, this isn't an option for all school districts. For more information about "opt-in" policies and Fairport, contact Josh at [email protected].