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Position of the NEA on Section 9528 of No Child Left Behind

At the 2005 Representative Assembly of the National Educational Association (NEA), member delegates affirmed their committment to student privacy by standing up against military recruiting requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. The NEA's position now supports changing federal policy from "opt out" to "opt in" -- requiring written parental permission before student information is turned over to military recruiters.

The NEA is made up of 2.7 million members working to provide great public schools. Read the newly adopted policies below:

NEA Legislative Amendment 6


Insert on page 21, line 28 (Human and Civil Rights for School Children) a new item reading, "revision of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to protect the privacy of student information by requiring specific parental or legal guardian consent before turning over student information to military recruiters."


New Business Item 76


In accordance with Resolution I-20 (Invasion of Privacy) and Legislative Program 1 (High Quality Public Education), section g (EDUCATION FUNDING), and to protect the privacy rights of students, NEA will publicize to members in NEA Today and in any other relevant materials, its opposition to mandatory submission of such information as required by NCLB section 9528.