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SIGN ON as a citizen co-sponsor of the Student Privacy Protection Act (H.R. 551)

Where children are concerned, it's time to make it a family decision (not a federal mandate) to release our home phone numbers and home addresses to military recruiters.

US Representative Mike Honda’s Student Privacy Protection Act does just that. It makes a simple change to No Child Left Behind ensuring schools release private information to military recruiters only if families request it, rather than the other way around.

Please help show Congress that there's broad-based support for family privacy by signing on as a Citizen Co-Sponsor below. U.S. Rep. Mike Honda will use this petition to urge fellow members of Congress to co-sponsor this important legislation.

I support H.R.551, the Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005, which amends section 9528 of No Child Left Behind. H.R. 551 prohibits military recruiters from contacting students unless these minors and their parents specifically “Opt In” and consent to receive such communications.