Leave My Child Alone! A Family Privacy Project Of Working Assets, Mainstreet Moms, And ACORNOver 37,000 kids have opted out!

Protect kids from the Pentagon!

Over 100 successful Leave My Child Alone events were held June 1 around the country!

Thanks to all the hosts and guests who made our June 1 events a success. More Leave My Child Alone events are planned for September. Stay tuned for dates and information.

In the meantime:
  1. Opt Out your own kids, if applicable; Help friends and neighbors do the same.
  2. Write letters to your local Superintendent & School Board encouraging the endorsement of the Optimum Opt Out Resolution (see Kit)
  3. Look up your state School Board association at www.nsba.org and send them a Resolution Protecting Family Privacy (see Downloads). Include a cover letter encouraging the adoption of Optimum Opt Out policy: A well-publicized, standalone Opt Out form, translated into applicable languages, and required as part of registration.

Want to host an event? It's easy.

HOST your own party or meetup this fall. We'll get you everything you need to know to write a few letters, plan a school board outing and help more families Opt Out to protect our kids' privacy from military recruiters.

  1. What do you need? Just a Host Kit, a printer, envelopes, stamps, pens, and some refreshments. If your group would like to participate in a nationwide call, you'll need a speaker phone, or cell phones.
  2. Who should you invite? Friends, neighbors, your reading group, your grassroots cohorts. Add to that anyone who thinks families should be making their own decisions about military service. Anyone who thinks No Child Left Behind is a problem. And anyone who reliably brings a good appetizer.
  3. Where should we have our event? This event can be held at your private residence, OR you could schedule it for a local community center, library, cafe, or restaurant. (Be sure to call first, though, to make sure space will be available.)